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Miller’s Misadventures – Uglacy 1.1 & 2.0

March 3, 2013

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Amy and Gordon finally moved in together. I got the hang of “spamming” friendly interactions until Amy decided that she wanted to move in to her baby daddy’s legacy shack. If only Amy realized what she was getting herself into.
“Shh! Don’t ruin it for me!”
Come on, Gordon. She needs to know sometime.
“My legacylicious love will be enough for her. You’ll see.”
If that helps you sleep at night, dude.

Here’s the upgraded house post move in. Amy also brought in a cat, too. All she did was hunt all day, poop in the litterbox, and sleep on Gordon’s bed. This is one of the few times she actually slept in her own.

Oh darnit, I missed the sparkles. Well, here’s Gordon, a ripe 20-something days old. He’ll be lucky to reach 35.
“What? Where am I? I’m still living here?”

Here’s Amy, after she got home from the hospital. I tried to have her watch kid’s TV and listen to kid’s music, but I guess it wasn’t enough. Here’s her only child, Richard. I don’t remember what traits he had as a baby, but he does have the traits, by the time he’s an adult, Over-Emotional, Genius, Virtuoso, and Good.
“My f$%#ing back!!!1 Giving birth hurts like f#$%.”
You don’t say?

“All right, I know you just gave birth today, but let’s make some more legacy babies!”
Gordon, I think you’re too old to-
“Be quiet. You’re ruining the woohooin’ mood.”

Ended up that they couldn’t make babies anymore, and so I decided to adopt. So meet Cheyenne- Like Richard, I don’t remember her baby/toddler traits, but she’s Hydrophobic, Easily Impressed, Star Quality, and Exitable. I’m gonna move her out as soon as I find a husband for her, but I wanted more of a challenge than just one toddler.

Here’s Cheyenne, bald after growin’ up. I didn’t have CC at this point since I had to reinstall my games a couple of times (but there will be CC later on!) so she’ll have to stick with bein’ bald for a little bit.

And here’s Richard, being spazzy.

Oh no! Please, Grim Reaper, I know Gordon is old but the children! Don’t forget about the children!

“It is not your founder’s time to die. Amy’s cat has been chosen.” (again, I forgot the cat’s name)

“Her soul is mine! Muhahahahahaa!”
“Hey can you keep it down, Reaps? A legacy man needs his rest, you know what I’m sayin?”

Amy was extremely depressed after her cat died. Going into random bouts of hysterical crying and all that. Everyone else was fine, though, so I guess there’s that.

To cheer her up, I finally had Gordon and Amy get married. (Note the CC! Huzzah!)


“I may be old, but I still have the sweet legacy lovin’ in me!”
No comment.

Oh dear, look at the time, little Cheyenne grew up.

And so did Richard. And unfortunately, he’s a friggin’ stud.
“Life is hurt. Did you know that I wasn’t even potty trained, Creator? What kind of person would do that to a child?”
Uh, well, uhm, Richard, you see … Uh, yeah, that’s awful, who would do something like that?

And here is Amy agin’ up like the rest of the household.

Richard seems kind of confused, though.
“Uh, whoa, I think I see you on the wall, mom. But like, a young version of you.”
Poor Richard.

And poor Cheyenne. She makes most of her meals with her little EZ Bake Oven.

And here’s some of the upgraded house. Amy bought that whatchamacallit that allowed sims to Meditate and get the “Very Well Decorated” moodlet. Thank you, Amy.

And time flies! Here’s Richard transitioning into adolescence, his childhood friend cheering him on.

“Yay! You’re older! That’s so cool- I’m friends with a teenager!”
“Stop blowing that. Life is cruel. Life is short. Life is hurt.”
Whoa whoa, stop being so Over-Emotional. Oh, wait… you can’t. Sigh. Richard and his pretty face deserved so much more.

“Yeah! Whoo! Birthday!”
This multiple birthday thing in one night is killer. It gets even worse when, later on in the legacy, I have triplets.
And poor Cheyenne is overweight and the CC can’t handle it.

And in the same friggin’ night Gordon decides to die, waking everyone up and putting everyone in a terrible mood. He lived to be 34 days old.

Note that Grim can’t fit in the same room, so has to go to the other room to take Gordon’s spirit.

“No! Gordon! My love!”
“I told you life was hurt, you fools. Now do you believe me?”
“No- daddy!”
Frig. Friggin’ frig. Say goodbye to steady income and good grades.

And if life wasn’t harder, the very NEXT NIGHT Amy died, too.
“Oh god, I’m so tired, and my heart is broken.”
“I had no heart to break.”
Can the hysterics, you guys. You have to find a husband, and you have to find a wife.

Here’s Cheyenne, having one of the only birthdays with cake involved. I aged her up prematurely so she could bring a little money in before she moved out.

And here she is, about to make the bed, post-CAS.

And here’s Richard- all he wants to do is play guitar. (and play it outside, no less) Everytime I ask him to start studying logic or paint he ignores me and plays his guitar. What a moody little guy.

Lakesha here is trying to simultaneously become a celebrity while trying to hook her brother up.
“Wow, girl, your chin is what our legacy needs. My beautiful brother would LOVE to hit that.”

“Beautiful, you say? I’ve always wanted to be in a legacy…”
… Cheyenne. Behave.

Richard’s goin’ off to prom, where he finds his true love, Lakesha, and gets into multiple fights over her. Note the paparazzi, just bein’ a creep.

A few days later he takes Lakesha home,

Ages up,

And his half-sister moves out with a random fairy named Justin.

“Lakesha, baby, you are going to make a fine Uglacy wife.”
She doesn’t look all that ugly aside from being fat, but I believe in her slightly malformed cheekbones

And I guess Richard does, too.

And there’s the lullaby!

“Lakesha, I know this seems like we’re moving at the speed of a galloping llama, but…”

“… Will you be my legacy queen?”

“Oh, yes! Yes! A thousand times yes!”

“No! No! A thousand times blahsaldsjfaslraggghrhhhhhhhggrggg”
She was constantly sick throughout this pregnancy. I’ve never had a pregnant sim throw up this much.

This has nothing to do with the legacy, but it cracked me up when they sat down to eat on the bugged CC stools. I didn’t have enough money to get them new, unbugged ones, so I had to deal with this for a 5 or 6 sim days.

This is how it was throughout Lakesha’s pregnancy. Since she’s a coach potato, she was more than happy to watch children’s television all day whilst kid’s music played in the background. I also made Richard and Lakesha self-employed painters. I figured that it would give them the most amount of money in a short amount of time, and they could stay at home with all of the screaming lil’ angels.

Here’s Richard sparklin’…

And now he’s officially an adult!
“Just one step closer to sweet, sweet death.”

“Richard, I’m in labor, why can’t you drive?!”
“I’ve never driven before! Cars scare me!”
Richard, I kind of agree with Lakesha here…

Awwww yeah! Baby basket!

Here’s all the little ones- Danielle, Delilah, and Dalton. Note that my CC, yet again, is bugged with infants. It works fine with toddlers, though.

Another obligatory cute-baby photo. I have all of their traits when they reach adults, so here it goes…
Danielle is Ambitious, Friendly, Evil, Neurotic, and a Genius. I’m not sure how she could be evil and friendly at the same time, but whatevs.
Delilah is a Hopeless Romantic, Artistic, Clumsy, a Coach Potato, and Insane.
Dalton is Easily Impressed, Good, a Supernatural Fan, Gatherer, and Mean Spirited. He sounds like he’d be a good Werewolf.

And that’s all for now, folks! In the next installment we’ll get to see the triplets’ chaotic lives and who turns out to be the ugliest child of them all.

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